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Personalization is powerful. An email marketing plan is perfect for designing warm, personalized campaigns that drive engagement, loyalty, trust, and finally, revenue.

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And to do that, you should implement segmentation. Like personalization, segmentation is incredibly valuable. Segmentation is simply grouping your target audience into sub-niches based on demographics, behaviors, or other criteria.

Examples of ways to segment include, but are not limited to:. Learn more about increasing engagement with list segmentation. Simply choose the segmentation type that makes sense for your data and marketing goals, then, start sorting.


Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing

For instance, campaigns often provide suggestions for future purchases, customer location, and more. Notice the combination of helpful information and personalization. Once again, personalization and segmentation illustrate how successful they can be when applied to email marketing. Whatever your preferred method, applying personalization and segmentation will boost both click-through and open rates.

Additionally, this extra step will make your customers feel like people rather than prospects. Automating your email marketing plan is another way to show personalization with your customer, further establishing trust and engagement. This experience provides your audience with the right message at the right time.

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business

By including a valuable offer in the first email, you can build excitement and encourage customers to continue checking their inboxes. Notice the easy-to-see call-to-action that makes reconnecting easy.

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  • Here are some examples of re-engagement emails that work. You want strong, organic growth when it comes to your email list. To encourage this type of growth, you can leverage your website for organic impact. One of the best ways to jump-start list-building is through high-quality, relevant content specific to your audience—and you want to provide it often. You can do this on your website and follow up with emails that let customers know how to engage and receive these goodies.

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    The examples below illustrate this concept:. Additionally, here a few other creative ways to start growing your list:. You can also offer white papers, run quizzes, or employ any number of ways to capture customer attention and subscriptions. Email list growth is essential, but retention is just as valuable. This is particularly true since every customer has a lifetime revenue value when subscribing to your brand. Customer lifetime value CLV is the term used to define that value of your future relationship with your prospects. CLV is calculated by multiplying purchase frequency by the value of the average order.

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    That can add up to a lot of revenue over several years, and all you have to do is keep that customer engaged and happy. Retaining customers is also more cost-effective than attracting new ones. So, keeping those customers is vital. We've tapped into real-world examples to give you inspiration and even asked our industry friends to share their tips for email marketing success.

    Create real connections with your community through email and grow your business in the process with The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing.

    Email Design Best Practices: Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

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