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Goldman eventually put aside his cello as his family and career grew, yet that musical thread never unraveled completely from the weave of his life. Nearly 40 years later, he picked up the cello again, determined to play a little concert at his 60th birthday.

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With grace, humor, and elegance, Goldman generously invites readers into his tale of picking up that musical thread. In his quest to become a musician, he joins his son Judah's orchestra; gives up time at the gym to practice his cello; erases all of the music on his iPod in order to focus on cello music and train his ear by listening to that music; and devotes every Sunday afternoon to playing with the Late Starters Orchestra, an organization devoted to the notion that everyone interested in playing music should have a place to make it.

In addition, Goldman spends a week at an adult music camp in Maine and another week at a summer music retreat in the north of England run by the East London Late Starters.

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And Ari Goldman has a message for anyone who has ever had a dream deferred: it's never too late to find happiness on one's own terms. I didn't warm up to this book right away.

And the first time I read it, I missed a lot. But as you can see, I gave it five stars, and I'm currently re-reading it. I love reading about Mr.

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Ari L. Goldman is a professor of journalism at Columbia University and the author of three books, including the bestselling The Search for God at Harvard.

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