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They soothe, clean and play with their babies, and spend more time holding them than fathers in any other society.

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Today, many dads are celebrated for being sensitive, caring and hands-on. Their most important job was seen as economically supporting the mother, who would in turn be the emotional anchor for the child.

Now, new research is showing that the social world of children is much richer, and more complex, than previously thought. It is not just dads who have moved into the spotlight.

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A range of recent studies show how flexible parenting roles can be. When dads are the main caregivers, their brains adapt to the task.

And emotional involvement matters. Babies with emotionally engaged dads show better mental development as toddlers and are less likely to have behavioural problems later on, compared to babies whose dads behave in a more detached way. Older children benefit, too.

Those whose fathers, or father figures, are more emotionally supportive, tend to be more satisfied with life and have better relationships with teachers and other children. Past research has found that mothers and fathers do tend to interact differently with small children: mothers bond more through gentle caretaking, while fathers typically bond through play. But that, Lamb says, has less to do with gender and more with the division of childcare.

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Studies of same-sex couples and stay-at-home dads have shown that regardless of gender, it is the parent who works during the day, and comes home in the evening, who tends to play wilder games, like picking up their baby and swinging them around. The parent who looks after the baby all day is likely to interact with them more calmly. In heterosexual couples, the parent who takes on most of the care during the day is often still the mother for a range of social and economic reasons.

One is to do with parental leave. While all OECD countries except the US provide nationwide, publicly-funded, paid maternity leave, only half provide paid paternity leave that lasts for at least two months.

Meanwhile, given the persisting gender wage gap, it often simply makes economic sense for new mothers rather than fathers to stay at home. Across the OECD, women earn This helps to explain why parental leave alone is not the answer. In fact, even among the much-praised Aka, the women do the majority of the childcare. They hunt and forage with their babies snuggled against them in a sling.


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But involving dads more from the start can have many benefits, research has shown. Check Out Our Catalog of Resources. Download our Booklets. British Columbia. New Brunswick.

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Northwest Territories. Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island. I'm A Dad. I Work With Dads.

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Connecting Dads Across Canada. I'm a Dad.

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I work with dads. Dad Directory. Welcome to Dad Central. Our objectives are: To support the vital connection between dads, their kids, their families, and the rest of society.