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I fell in love with Mr. Rochester myself when I was about 15 and saw the film with Orson Wells as Rochester and then read the book. However, after reading the book several times as well as reading some critical articles, I find Rochester-Eyre romance troubling. He shows little or no empathy and only seems fit to marry anyone when he becomes blind and helpless.

Not a good romantic relationship model. I must say I neither read nor write much romance, except incidentally in novels focussed on other things. I must also say I did not realize novels, particularly YA, which I both read and write, could be THAT influential, and that readers took them so seriously. But that does not justify them. An author can, and sometimes should, break any or all five rules, but portray the sad outcomes accurately. I, myself, was one of them. These tips apply to all genres featuring a relationship in some form, too, not just romance.

As far as breaking the rules, they absolutely can be broken.

Thanks so much for your input! When I drafted my first suspense novel, my husband helped me craft the plot, which was a blast. We had so much fun doing it. That aspect helped me layer in higher stakes and deeper POV. My local chapter of RWA is helping me do that. I joined up and learned a whole new world of writing!

Plus these people are so much fun! They are helping me craft my romance. Just learned about heat levels. Wow, and WOW.

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Thank you for this article, really helped me! A great post. There is romance to some extent in all my books, so far. This is a greatbhelp. Thank you. Great tips Bella. In old movies you always saw abuse being portrayed as love. The hero put some sense in the heroine by a few choice slaps and she fell in love. This attitude led to acceptance of abuse by women of that generation and their daughters and sons who saw acceptance of this abuse and considered it normative. Thank you for the passive robot part! Uncommon, maybe, but they can be just as valid as a slow burning relationship.

My husband and I met at summer camp as volunteers. A month later we moved in together and four months later got married. We just celebrated our five year anniversary this January.

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Instant relationships are perhaps over represented. My parents met on a blind date. Before the evening was over my father was indicating they would be together. They were engaged three days later; married a month later and loved each other passionately until he died. My mother never recovered from his death. However, I believe in the old adage: truth is stranger than fiction.

Just because something really happens, does not make it a believable story. I agree with some of your comments, but i also think your missing the point of a romance. Do you think woman are waiting to actually be rescued by him? I could see the point if you were talking about NonFicton, but again, this is fiction.

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Oh, and also. That instant love connection that happens in an instant does exsist. I know because the moment my soul mate and i met it was love at first site.

From the puffy sleeve poet shirt i was wearing to the clip i wore in my hair. There was no one from else for either of us from the day we met. Your encouraging others to not believe it i find irritating. There are many magical things in this world, if only we open ourselves to them. I wish you growth in this area. So, believably aside which I would argue instant romances can be written with layers and complexity that make them believable , I still disagree with the idea that expressing instant relationships as one possibility is harmful.

I have to agree with you that it can be detrimental to promulgate the idea of love at first sight.

So they keep looking and talking about how lonely they are and how they want to start a family but….. Skip to content.

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Glamorizing abuse This might be the biggest, most overlooked issue in books. Not often. Why should your book characters be any different? Writing relationships without commonalities If two people are in a relationship, they should have things in common. Never allowing for vulnerability In order for your characters to bond on a deep enough level for love to be in the air, some vulnerability needs to happen.

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