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Omar is not the squeaky clean citizen she claims to be. Ilhan Omar has a criminal record.

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She got her monthly welfare check, never worked, and stole jobs from real Americans. And, of course, she had a boyfriend — a man named Lewellan Dowd. Mr Dowd passed gas into the face of Ilhan and it was then that she showed her true Musslamania.

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Ilhan rose screaming, grabbed a steak knife and stabbed Lewellan repeatedly. He lived but continues to suffer psychological trauma from the event, exasperated each and every time that he passes wind.

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  • She got a slap on the wrist by a liberal, immigrant loving judge : 5 years probation. Ten years ago, Nicholson, then 15, took amphetamines and armed himself with knives before holding staff and residents at a children's home hostage.

    Phyllosilicate diversity and past aqueous activity revealed at Mawrth Vallis, Mars.

    While serving two years in a youth detention centre for that incident, he and two fellow inmates barricaded themselves in a canteen before he again armed himself with a knife tried to stab a prison guard. Prosecutor William Mousley QC said Nicholson was handed a further 14 months behind bars following this, and was also jailed for 14 months last year for refusing to give police his Facebook password.

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    During his trial, it was heard the year-old lured tragic Lucy to secluded woodland on July 25, last year, before launching his vicious attack on her, inflicting 27 knife wounds, including three 'very dangerous' cuts to the carotid artery in her neck. He then fled the scene at Southampton sports centre, Hants, with her body found by a dog walker almost 24 hours later.

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    In the hours after the killing, Nicholson dumped the clothes he was wearing, described as his 'murder kit', in a small stream, burned his trainers on a bonfire, claiming he had split them, and changed his mobile phone. Lucy was described as bright, bubbly, intelligent and eager to learn. Her grandmother said her nickname was 'Brains' because of how quick she was. He also confessed to deleting messages from his phone, which prosecutors said included correspondence with Lucy, but told police he had done it because he was hiding evidence of drug dealing.

    Revealed: concerns over string of incidents at UK prison where baby died

    Jailing him for life at Winchester Crown Court, Hants, today, High Court judge Mrs Justice May questioned just how thorough social services investigations were into Lucy's tragic death. She said: "The evidence in this trial did not cover what enquiries the investigations covered.

    The judge added: "Lucy McHugh was brutally murdered. She was just 13 years old. Any sudden death is a tragedy, but the violent death of a child is shocking. The man who took her life was just such a person. Instead of rebuffing her, he encouraged her to continue her interest in him.

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    She was available and he took full advantage. The mix of mature insight and young confusion serves as a powerful reminded to show why there's a need for an age of consent.

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    She had ceased to be of interest to him and had become an obstacle to his comfortable life. As far as he was concerned, she had to go.